Asaf N Roll
My 2012 was a great year, filled with travels, friends, shows and loads of fun! So to sum it up and share some of my greatest moments. Here are my 12 Highlights of 2012, at least the way I remember it. Enjoy, I know I did!
Every year starts in the 1st of January with my mom’s birthday - this time 63! That makes me... never mind...
Probably one of the best trips I ever had!
1 year after the horrible earthquake, I found
this festival to be as moving and exciting as
it was important and fun. I fell in love with the audiences of Christchurch
and then I fell in love with their BEAUTIFUL Island in this crazy van for 3 more weeks!!
Christchurch even has a street with my name. Yes...I’m a saint!
They had a special beer made for buskers and I got to sleep in this ancient castle. Durham Castle is one of the oldest castles in England.
This is the room I was staying in
with the great Yafim
My first time in Lithuania, definitely not the last. From welcome to goodbye, I enjoyed every minute of it.
Got a real Asaf N Roll muppet !!!
Every year I go to these conventions to let my geeky side shine with some interesting people, and I get to try out new routines.
this one is like a reunion with my class
of performers, and a greart labratory for the show
a new routine was born!
my name in Russian
Talk about a different world... performing outside the Kremlin in Tula was something to remember and also Russians and vodka.
Where ever I go, I always
make sure I have the local desert. How can you visit Bavaria without having some Bavarian Cream?
This festival was the last one in my European summer and as such,
it was a Grand Finale.
Do I really need to explain?
Finished the year in Rome for a well deserved vacation and quality time with my love
The 2013 happy new year video